Al Shaheer Corporation

Job Responsibilities

·         Develop and manage an advanced multi-channel loyalty programme for Meat One brand

·         Oversee the design of the loyalty programme and all related features 

·         Develop and implement the business CRM & loyalty strategy to improve acquisition and retention of customers .

·         Designing program offers by developing alliances with various consumer product/service companies

·         Drive growth and development of the Loyalty Card discount scheme to deliver positive change to membership volumes, purchase behavior and attrition 

·         Define, implement and manage all marketing communications with Card members via email and direct mail 

·         Manage the existing Loyalty Card helpdesk team and all operational functions of the scheme including budget management, customer services queries, management of stock items and development of customer facing materials 

·         Ensure the smooth transition of the Loyalty Card scheme into the broader loyalty plans


3 - 5 Years Experience

Recent experience level: Manager / Senior Associate


Degree: Bachelor / Master

Academic: Business Administration / Management



Skills and Certifications

Strong Analytical skills Presentation skills Communication skills Creativity Ability to Execute and derive results



Bonus Eligible